Virgin of Guadalupe Deceiving Millions

Twisted interpretations of the Bible are used to justify the bondage of over a billion people who trust in their works to get them to heaven.

Drag Queens Out to "Groom" Your Kids

From their own words, their future depends on recruiting children.

Methodists Vote to Obey the Bible

In the convention voting, help was needed from overseas groups to prevent this attack by US homosexual activists.

The Theory From Hell

Some Christians, including church leaders and religion teachers, attempt to combine part of evolutionary theory with biblical beliefs, but the two positions do not mix.

Miracle in Papua New Guinea

A young man in Papua New Guinea shares his testimony with missionary Eric Fair.

Sexual Revolution Devastating to Children

Topics once avoided in the presence of children because they were considered too “suggestive” are now being taught as early as elementary school. We are witnessing the devastating effect for any child who lacks Biblical guidance and protection.

A Message from David Daniels

Controversies are raging all around us. Let's respond with the gospel while we still can.

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