Facts About Tracts

Did you know:

That William Penn wrote a single religious tract that freed a total of 12,000 Quakers imprisoned for Christ’s sake?

That John Wesley organized 160 tract distributors in 1757 which literally reformed the Lord’s day habits of the entire City of London?

That Martin Luther wrote more than one tract, booklet, or book for every working week of his life?

That Dwight L. Moody began his very fruitful evangelistic ministry in Chicago by the simple act of distributing tracts to Great Lakes fishermen?

That Benjamin Franklin wrote and printed tracts for several early American evangelists, including those of George Whitfield?

That John Wanamaker, while postmaster general of the United States, carefully selected gospel tracts for distribution to those with whom he came in contact?

That almost every foreign mission field in the world was opened by missionaries who first used tracts to win the people to Christ?

That every phase of the great Protestant Reformation in Europe was preceded by immense tract effort that almost turned the world upside down? (Acts 17:6)

That among the most precious items of cargo on the Mayflower on her first trip to America were pastor John Robinson’s tracts?

That a son of one of the chiefs of Burdwan, India, was converted by a single tract and that he was instrumental in winning 1,500 natives to Christ?


A pastor in England asked a dying Christian woman where she found the Saviour. She gave him a piece of paper torn from an American Journal containing one of C.H. Spurgeon’s sermons. The scrap had been wrapped around a package that came to her from Australia. The words of Spurgeon were read by her and were the means of leading her to Christ.

Commenting on this incident, a writer says, “Think of it, a sermon preached in England, printed in America, in some way coming to Australia, has a part of it used in wrapping paper there, coming back to England, was the means of converting this woman.”

What an encouragement there is in such an incident for those who preach the gospel by means of printer’s ink! Tracts and religious papers have been wonderfully used of God in the salvation of souls.