God's Favorites: Israel - and Babies

In the Bible, two things are close to God’s heart: His chosen people, Israel and babies. It is heartening that America is refreshing its commitment to Israel. But, it is horrifying in God’s eyes what we are doing to babies, born and unborn.

The U.S. President’s speech for Holocaust Remembrance Day contained new, strong support for the Jewish people. He deplored the deaths of the six million in the Holocaust: “They were murdered by an evil that words cannot describe, and that the human heart cannot bear.”

He lauded the people of Israel for their perseverance: “Today, only decades removed from the Holocaust, we see a great nation risen from the desert and we see a proud Star of David waving above the State of Israel. That star is a symbol of Jewish perseverance. It’s a monument to unyielding strength.”

Then he pledged unwavering support to defeat terrorism and “…stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found. To all of you tonight, who have come from around the world, let it be known, America stands strong with the State of Israel.”

The other “Holocaust” has yet to be fully addressed. Many have marched and pleaded with new mothers not to allow anyone to invade the comfort of their womb and cut into pieces the defenseless child. Can there be any difference between the cruel abortionist who dismembers a quietly thumb-sucking baby and the animal who opened the poison gas valve at Auschwitz? I fear that God sees little difference.

If we deplore the deaths of six million who trusted that they were only going to the showers, can we ignore the innocent blood of over one billion worldwide who rested secure in the comfort of the womb until ripped apart by the killer’s bloody tools?

Examples of God’s view of babies show up in several places in scripture. When the inhabitants of Canaan began burning their children on the altar to Moloch, God blew the whistle and called Israel out of Egypt to come clear the land. When Jonah pouted because God would not destroy Nineveh, God said that there were 120,000 in Nineveh who did not know their right hand from their left; it is generally assumed that these were children. (See Jonah 4:11.)

Besides abortion, in many ungodly societies today, children are abused in horrible ways that must grieve God’s heart. Much of that abuse is not physical. When a humanist teacher convinces a child that he is a soulless beast based on godless evolution instead of a Creator, can God be any less grieved?

Jesus said “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not:…” Anything we do that keeps children from coming to know Jesus contradicts this command and we will answer to Jesus for it on judgment day. If we do not object when a school teaches children that Jesus is just another philosopher, God notices. If we allow pagan Hollywood to be our home babysitter, we will give account.

We rejoice that America now stands with Israel. But when will we stand against Satan’s wiles that are destroying the next generation?

Many have written Chick Publications that no-nonsense gospel tracts were helpful in shaping their childhood world views. And now they are buying tracts for collateral reading for their youngsters —to read and share with friends.

Dozens of Chick tracts are written in a simple style because Jack Chick cared about children. In fact, only a few are so complex that only adults can relate. The tract, Adopted, is a gentle approach to abortion. The older ones, Baby Talk and Who Murdered Clarice?, are more to the point and for older teens and adults.

For Israel, the eye-opening book, As America Has Done to Israel, shows the risk of refusing to support God’s chosen people.

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