Religious Freedom Tightening Worldwide

The Pew Research Center reports that restrictions on religion in 2015 were up from 34% in 2014 in 40% of the countries in the world. Even Western 'democratic' governments like Britain are in a debate over the issue.

Special July 2017 Missions Fund Report From India

Your donations are helping us provide tracts to many ministries like the Independent Church in India which is working to evangelize a country with over 1 billion people.

Can Dead Manuscripts Make A Live Bible?

You won’t believe what these Seminary professors taught about the Bible! Would you want them destroying the faith of your son or daughter?

Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested

Many countries still claim to allow freedom of speech, but government officials are increasingly siding with those who are 'offended' instead of protecting the freedom to preach the gospel.

Satan's Plan For Doubt

Satan tried to stamp out the Bible and failed. So he developed a new plan . . . fix it! Here is how it works.

God's Favorites: Israel - and Babies

America is refreshing its commitment to God’s chosen people, Israel, but what about the other ones God loves —babies?

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