"I Was Outraged!"

As a Catholic, I was never taught the Bible, nor was I encouraged to read it. So, I went to different priests with a basket full of questions.

The balloon popped on my last question: "What does the Catholic Church teach about the Kingdom of God?" The reply was, "Frankly, not much." I knew then that I had to look outside of my religion to get truthful answers. Someone who shared my burden gave me a copy of Alberto. I was outraged! But all the statements in it were documented. So I started buying books and praying, then more books and more praying, to see if the footnotes and information were genuine. It was endless. The deeper I went, the more my eyes were opened to the terrible injustice the Catholic Church had done to Christianity down through the centuries.

But what would I say to my wife? What about my pride? By the grace of God, my pride gave in, and almost at the same time my wife realized that she was in a cult, too. We both came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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