Merchant Display Ministry Tops 50,000 Tracts

Fifty Thousand tracts later, Dale Detro is still excited about his mission to Putnam County, Indiana. Over a year ago, he got the idea to place a small display of Chick tracts in local businesses. He found card racks at Wal-Mart for about $5 each, that would hold 175 tracts of eight different titles.

He placed a "FREE" label on the dispenser and asked local merchants if he could place one in their store and come back every week to refill it. He soon had 20 displays in place and sometimes has to return twice a week to keep them refilled. He finds the store owners and managers usually very willing to allow him to place and service the displays. Since beginning, 50,000 tracts have been taken from the displays.

Besides the customers, the employees of the businesses are reading them and taking them home to their families. To keep up the interest, he will rotate the titles of the displays from time to time so people will always be looking for new ones.

"We are being blessed tremendously from this work," Detro writes. "Our church considers us missionaries." He says that the church, Abundant Life Baptist Church in Cloverdale, is growing and several new converts said they were led to the Lord by the tracts. He knows that whenever the seed of the gospel is planted, that God will give the increase.

The excitement about the tract ministry has expanded their vision to reach every home in their community. So, they have begun mailing tracts to every address in the phone book. Detro says, " I can't think of a better way to get the gospel to people, and it is not expensive."

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