Missionaries Say, 'Pass the Ammo!'

It's not possible for most of us to go to the mission field but there is a way we can multiply the success of those who do go. More and more missionaries are discovering how gospel literature can greatly extend their outreach.

From an undisclosed location in China, one missionary was returning from the barber shop to his apartment and passed a college where students were hanging around on break.

"I had brought three packs of Chick tracts with me," he writes, "praying for an opportunity to put them into the right hands. Although I was cautious at first, I felt the Lord leading me to give a few of them out discreetly.

"However, in a few minutes, I had a whole crowd of students around me begging for the tracts."

The next morning two young ladies showed up at the missionary's apartment wanting to talk. They said they had received some little booklets the day before. Their timing was perfect because the missionary's wife was just starting a Bible class.

The teaching was all very new to them. They had heard only bits and pieces about God. They continued to come for additional classes and in a few weeks committed their lives to Christ.

Another missionary in Latin America reports similar results from literature. Danny Callis specializes in teaching local churches how to do mass evangelism at the numerous street parties held in Latin countries.

He writes that he was doing some training in evangelism in a local church in Brazil when two ladies happened to stop by. At that moment, Danny was explaining how to use Chick tracts in witnessing.

One of the ladies told Danny's wife that she had gotten saved 7 years ago after getting a copy of This Was Your Life! Many of the local workers tell how the literature is well received in many homes and is yielding results. Callis has distributed hundreds of thousands of tracts to the crowded street parties. New churches have been started and existing ones strengthened.

Chick tracts come in so many languages that there is almost surely at least one in the native language where your missionary works.

In many countries, missionaries like to use tracts in both the local language and in English. Sometimes the English ones provide an opening to discuss the gospel because many countries are teaching young people English as a second language and they are eager to practice.

Chick Publications will be glad to send samples in the appropriate language to any of the missionaries supported by your church. Just give us their address and we will forward them right away. Better yet, if the missionary has access to the internet, he can read entire tracts online in over a hundred different languages.

When he decides which ones would be useful in his ministry, he can notify you and we will drop ship your order directly to him on the mission field.

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