4th Grader Teaches Principal A Lesson in Free Speech

School kids often face hostility from school officials when they pass out tracts. This fourth grader refused to back down and won a major victory.

Missionaries Say, 'Pass the Ammo!'

It's not possible for most of us to go to the mission field but there is a way we can multiply the success of those who do go.

They Really Annoyed Me. But I Read Them!

If you ever wonder whether leaving those tracts around is doing any good, consider this story sent to Chick Publications by Bill H. from Washington state.

Conflict With Islam Seen As a 'Clash of Cultures'

Many people see the present situation in the Middle East as a local squabble.

Chick Mail Bag May 2002

My buddy called, crying. He had just read the tract I gave him, and got saved.

No Letter From Hell

Chick customers are highly innovative when it comes to witnessing. Here is one example...

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2002

The second day he was on his knees.

Author Proves Jack Chick and Alberto Were Right

In the early 1970s, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera began to tell how Rome was working behind the scenes to bring protestants back under the pope's control.

Look What a Kid Started

One teen, whose email name was "SharkAttack," sent us this testimony...

Tract Passing Tips

Witnessing ideas from our customers

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