Prison Ministry Letters: March-2007

So many inmates got saved and sent Chick tracts home, that the Catholic Diocese sent priests to urge bookstores to take "Chick" material off the shelves. I was formerly buying from one bookstore for a very reasonable rate, but they no longer sell them
D. V. Brownsville, TX

I am an assistant chaplain at the county jail in Houston. I had been passing out your tract "This Was Your Life" in English and Spanish to the inmates. A Columbian inmate read the tract in Spanish and got saved.

When her regular Catholic chaplain came to see her, the inmate told her that she had read this tract and found Christ and didn`t need her any more. The inmate showed the chaplain the tract and the chaplain read it on the spot and told the inmate "this is false". The chaplain took the tract to our director and as a result, even though the jail ministry is non-sectarian, we can not pass out any more "Chick" tracts in the jail. (probably because of your anti-Catholic stance).

Even though we can`t use your tracts in the jail, we rejoice in at least one that was saved before our distribution had to cease. My husband was saved by a tract he picked up on a tract rack at a cafeteria years ago. WE BELIEVE IN TRACTS! I pass out your "This Was Your Life" tracts, particularly to teenagers who enjoy its format.
M. Terrill Houston, TX

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