Prison Ministry Letters: May-2006

Last evening I played the DVD The Light of the World. I played it in the RTC (return to custody) prison yard. It was dead quiet all through the movie. When it came to the crucifixion scene - every eye was on Christ. One man burst out in tears. Many men prayed for forgiveness and salvation during the invitation scene. I saw and heard them. It had an affect on each man. These are career criminals (hence the 'return to custody'). When I came to work this morning, I barely got inside the gate before an inmate thanked me for showing The Light of the World. Sir, thank you for this DVD. What a "righteous" tool!
Chaplain - AZ

We received a copy of the video The Light of the World. I have watched this film over and over and am very impressed with what you have produced. It is riveting and powerful in its no-punches-pulled approach to the full gospel story. It's just what many of our inmates need to hear! It will be an excellent supplement to our video library for the jail chaplains.
Chaplain - WI

Your tracts are being used! Every time our ministry goes into prisons and halfway houses, we are using the (Chick) tracts.
Mission Possible - Inverness, FL