Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2007

Last evening I played the DVD The Light of the World for the R T C, (return to custody) prison yard. It was dead quiet all through the movie. When it came to the crucifixion scene every eye was on the cross and Christ. One man burst out in tears. Many men prayed for forgiveness and salvation, at the invitation scene. I saw them and heard them. It had an effect on every man. These men are the "career" criminals, (hence the "Return to Custody"). God`s Word will not come back void. Next I showed it to the D U I. Again, total silence in the house, the same effect again! Many received Christ, praying quietly to themselves with the Lord at the movie`s invitation. I saw and heard them. When I came to work this morning, I barely got in the gate and an R T C inmate thanked me for showing The Light of the World. Thank you for this DVD. What a "righteous" tool!
Rev C. R., Chaplain AZ

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