Pro-Life Movement Blunts Soulwinning Between Participants

By Al Doyle

The pro-life movement is key to the future of the ecumenical movement, claims Steven Wood, a Presbyterian pastor who became a Catholic priest. "It's very hard to understand the concept of picking up a rosary for the first time. The first time I did it was at an abortion clinic."

Wood made the above statement at a "revival" in remote Farmington, New Mexico. This and other statements which he made during the meetings illustrate why Bible believers cannot join with Roman Catholics in ecumenical "evangelization." Wood described his road to becoming a Catholic by first joining them in anti-abortion demonstrations. Accepting them as fellow "Christians" was the next step as feelings of brotherhood were strengthened against a common enemy.

From there it is just a small step from one "denomination" to another. Rome has worked hard to label Catholicism as just another one of the Christian denominations. Yet it perfectly fits almost every definition of a cult. (See 700 Club's definition of a cult.)

Bible believers are being enticed into the same trap. When we join in any common activity such as abortion rallies or community wide prayer gatherings with Roman Catholics it is hard to see them as needing to be saved.

Yet, Wood demonstrated clearly why they do need salvation. Describing justification by faith as "cheap grace" he said, "Are we to take as our standard alone sola scriptura (scripture alone), or are we to take sacred tradition along with apostolic tradition? The Catholic position is justification by faith and works..."

No serious soul winner can neglect to witness to someone who believes in salvation by works. This is the common identifying mark of all non-Christian religions.

It is vital to Rome to stop us from witnessing to Catholics. All over the world, millions are learning the truth and coming out of their bondage to the pope.

There is no doubt that fighting against the slaughter of the unborn is a just cause, crying for Christians to speak out. But we must do so Biblically, not unequally yoked with Catholics, Mormons, or others.

Only then can we be free to also fight against the spiritual slaughter of millions who have never been told that Jesus paid the entire price.

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