The Hit In The Prison

The following letter was received by the Mission Possible ministry to prisoners:

Dear Rev. Alan Woody and Mission Possible,

I would like to share a story that I`m sure will be of great interest to you:
Two convicts sat on a bench in prison watching every movement from everybody, but their eyes were particularly focused on the new arrivals walking the thoroughfare. It looked like a big hit was coming down. The two looked like predatory birds sitting on a fence getting ready to swoop down for the strike. Both had long criminal records and were known for being fearless and in the past ruthless, weird and wicked. Like buzzards or eagles, they carefully scoped out the long line of inmates walking to the prison chow hall. The passing inmates dared not even make eye contact with the pair but just shuffled by with eyes downcast and hands in their pockets.

Both inmates had deadly reputations. One was trained by the best of San Quentin and the other was just a mean, old barroom brawler. The bulge under the big one`s shirt looked like a weapon of some sort.

"Shall we make a move on them now?" asked Rocky, fidgeting.

"Let`s wait till they come back from chow and we`ll hit them all at one time, in one big swoop," replied the quieter one. He seemed to be the leader, more self-controlled. He was waiting as if a message was coming from Someone from outer space!

Then, like the flip of a switch, he jumped up. "Now! Let`s go! Hit it, Brother! You hit the ones on that side and I`ll get these ones!" As they rushed into the crowd of oncoming inmates, The Rock pulled out the package from underneath his shirt as he rushed up to an inmate. "Here, Man! Take this!

The inmate dodged in shock as the big convict shoved a Chick tract into his hand. The surprised and confused inmate stammered, "Ahh, Oh??? Yeah, sure, I`ll take it and, yeah, I`ll read it! Honest! I promise, I`ll read it!" The inmate was a little shook up, but he seemed grateful that The Rock hadn`t hit him with a prison made shank.

All went smoothly as both convicts began passing out tracts from one to another with big smiles on their faces. Everyone, —I mean everyone, —accepted a tract. In a matter of minutes all the tracts were gone. In fact, it went so smoothly that inmates were chasing us down and asking for more, or to trade for others. I say "us," because the story is about one of my Christian brothers and myself.

We prayed before passing the tracts out. Then we waited and we went. There`s no feeling like the feeling of victory; of winning souls when you`re on a mission for the Lord! It`s awesome!!

Little by little, stories started filtering back to me about the many inmates who were accepting the Lord and being ministered to because of the Chick Publications tracts that are the most readable and productive tracts ever used in the prison. I could see the prison was alive with the Spirit and the workers were ministering from soul to soul.

The next day the tiny prison chapel was really bursting at the seams and still inmates kept coming forward. Some were close to tears, while others had glows of a joyous happiness on their faces. I saw it all and I said, "Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!" All for the Lord`s glory!!

Please send us as many tracts, book and Bibles as you can. Your ministry is a great blessing for which we are extremely grateful.

Jesse G.

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