The Theory From Hell

When we search for a reason for the fierceness (See 2 Tim. 3) of some of the politics today, we need look no further than Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since this new religion has replaced respect for a Creator, Paul’s list of perilous times described to Timothy is increasingly real.

“Darwinism has had a devastating impact on society. Its ramifications reach into the deepest aspects of social life and culture,” writes Vance Ferrell in The Evolution Handbook. Evolution leaves man without a spirit —just another one of the animals. Thus, there is no right or wrong. And if “survival of the fittest” is the ultimate aim, then there is no room for the weak and powerless. They must be eliminated, fiercely if necessary.

So Hitler was just being a good evolutionist when he eliminated the weak and disabled along with the Jews (and Christians) who did not buy into his brand of “fitness.” The same is happening in China today to the Christians who threaten communism’s atheism.

Since evolution became the religion of atheistic humanism, all other religions are anathema. They have converted “freedom of religion” to “freedom from religion.” If man evolved, all religions, including Biblical Christianity, are just myths, created to control the masses.

Attempting to adjust to the galloping effects of evolution has caused much of “Christianity” to become unbiblical. The first chapters of Genesis are consigned to poetry in many seminaries, replaced by a hybrid theory including the Big Bang. But Ferrell points out that if you accept the beginning to be the explosion of a tiny, highly compressed dot of matter and energy which swelled over billions of years to the existing cosmos, then you have to ignore the six days of Genesis. If this part of the Bible is wrong, can we trust John 3:16?

It is hard to detail all the ways that evolution’s elimination of God affects our world. Since “science” has replaced God as the source of truth, one need only look at where this has taken us. Science says that preborn babies are only blobs of tissue; thus 60 million U.S. murders by abortion since Roe v Wade. (Some 40 million more are killed worldwide each year.)

A false science applied to the history of the Bible denies that God is able to preserve His words. The result: dozens of versions of the Bible with none considered completely trustworthy.

Science contradicts the Bible in its view of the depravity of man. Evil is not in the heart as stated in Jeremiah 17:9 but is the result of our environment. And the best way to fix the environment is by government control. With no God to provide laws for self-control, socialism provides a ruling class to keep the masses in line.

And, without God, man has no other purpose than to eat, drink and be merry. Thus, the rise of sex for recreation instead of procreation. Science gave us convenient birth control. The devil used it to promote the sexual revolution. Families were destroyed, and millions of babies murdered —creating lots of death, to Satan’s delight.

Ferrell quotes Michael Denton: “It was because Darwinian theory broke man’s link with God and sent him adrift in the cosmos without purpose or end that its impact was so fundamental. No other intellectual revolution in modern times so profoundly affected the way men viewed themselves and their place in the universe. (See The Evolution Handbook, page 801.)

Today, soul winners are about the only voice speaking out against this octopus of evil. The Evolution Handbook contains nearly 1,000 pages of quotes, facts and insights countering this massive lie. It is a great tool to train your children against this pervasive falsehood. A copy should also be in the library of every pastor and Bible teacher as a resource in his teaching against evolution.

Chick Publications also supplies the tract Big Daddy for use in saturating a neighborhood or church with the truth.

“Another devastating quality of evolutionary theory is the fact that it is but a variant form of atheism. Its advocates militantly attack religion in general and Christianity in particular. Christianity is declared to be superstition and the Bible a book of myths.

Evolutionary teaching and Christianity are total opposites. They are entirely incompatible. No one can believe both teachings or try to combine parts of the two. For anyone to attempt to do so is but to fool oneself.

Among Christians, there are church leaders, religion teachers, science teachers, and scientists who attempt to combine part of evolutionary theory with biblical beliefs, but the two positions do not mix. For example, some will claim to believe the Bible, yet will maintain that there were long ages of developing life forms into human beings before the six-day creation of Genesis 1.

If such be true, then the fall of man as given in Genesis 3 is incorrect. And if man did not fall into sin, then the promise of Genesis 3:15 is not needed, Christ is not needed, Calvary is not needed, no atonement for sin is needed, salvation from sin is not needed.”
—Vance Ferrell, The Evolution Handbook, p.795