What are the holidays good for?

"Recently my wife and I ordered a sample packet of your tracts and upon review...we both agreed that the presentation of the Gospel in The Greatest Story Ever Told was outstanding and quite scriptural. We were given the opportunity to read through The Greatest Story Ever Told with a few of our unsaved friends." D E H

During the holidays we may complain about traffic, about irritable salespeople, the hassle of finding just the right gift, and so on. But the holidays just might be good for something.

As a matter of fact they are. During the Christmas season, we will probably meet a lot of strangers. Shopping, special church services, parades, office parties, are all gatherings where we meet new people. And many are more willing to hear the gospel message just because they are likely to be more polite during the holidays.

Maybe their parents took them to Sunday school when they were kids. Maybe they are at a point in life where they are beginning to wonder what it is all about. For any number of reasons, they may be more open to a gospel witness.

We have Chick tracts that are especially well received this time of year. Who can resist when you say, "Here is my Christmas card for you," as you hand them a copy of The Greatest Story Ever Told. Or the one liner: "Remember Scrooge?" as you hand a copy of Humbug to a shopping clerk. They will laugh and tuck them away to read later.

Many shopping malls will not allow you to pass out tracts, but here is a secret: They don`t bother shoppers. You can freely pass them to clerks or discretely to other shoppers or leave them laying around while you shop. Also, while you are shopping, you can slip a few tracts into coat pockets in the clothing department. That way, someone might just get a bigger gift than they dreamed. You get the idea. Look for more ways while you shop. You will find lots of ways to leave the gospel where someone will find it.

In warmer climates, gospel tracts can be left on windshields in parking lots, or in public restrooms, telephone booths and phone books, etc. Use your imagination wherever there are people.

Enter a float in a Christmas parade and toss baggies with tracts and Christmas candy into the crowd as you go. Or have a team follow the float handing out tracts along the sidewalk.

Christmas carolers should leave more than a song. Give the family the gospel message in a few tracts before you go on to the next house.

If your church has a Christmas program, you will have people who do not come to church at other times. They come and listen politely and go home for another year or so. Make sure they take a gospel message home with them. Maybe they will come back later ready for a change in their lives.

"Wait a minute!" you say. "Don`t you know that Christmas came from a pagan origin?"

Yes we are aware of that. But it does not change the fact that most Americans celebrate it and are more open to a gospel message during the holidays. So take advantage of the season when they have a receptive attitude. Because more people get out and about during the holidays, you will find more opportunities to let them know that the season is all about Jesus.

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