What about the 21st Century KJV Bible?

From "Answers To Your Bible Version Questions" ©2002 David W. Daniels
Reproduced by permission

Question: What about the 21st century King James Bible? Isn't it supposed to be an exact reprint of the original 1611 version but with archaic words replaced for the closest modern word? Can it be trusted?

Why does the original 1611 version have "strain out a gnat" and modern King James versions misprint that by saying "strain at a gnat" When will this error be corrected?

Answer: The 21st Century King James Bible is not really a true King James Bible at all. I trust only what God has blessed. Do you have any evidence of massive revival sweeping the land with ANY modern version but the King James, from 1611 to the present? Of missionary movements inspired by those believing it? Of preachers who are SURE they are preaching "thus saith the Lord"? I don't trust any fake KJV. Just the real one.

You were lied to about Matthew 23:24. It is a lie spread by anti-King James people. It is important to be careful and not just believe every anti-King James accusation you read on the web. Many of them are simply incorrect. Check them out before you believe them!

I have a letter-for-letter exact reproduction (I know a couple who've spent thousands on research materials, and they checked every letter; this is an exact Bible I have) of the 1611 King James Bible, first printing by Robert Barker, the King's own printer. Here's exactly what it says:

24 Ye blind guides, which straine at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

There you have it. The King James NEVER said "strain out a gnat." It ALWAYS said, in proper English, "strain at a gnat." The modern printings that say "strain at a gnat" are correct. Sure, NOW we say "strain out," but that's new. We're the ones who have changed. The Cambridge King James Bible is an exact replica, with updated spelling and all printing errors removed, of precisely what the translators handed Robert Barker to be printed! I have an article on that, too, which you will find here.

In short, there is no error, thus nothing to be corrected, in accurate printings of the King James Bible like the Cambridge. I come from a totally anti-KJV training in Bible college and seminary. It has taken years of research to dispel the stories and lies and doubts placed on God's preserved words, the King James Bible.

May God bless you as you read His preserved words in English, the King James Bible. Accept no imitations.

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