Evil Beginning to Get Some Washback

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Satan is targeting vulnerable children and perverting their understanding of what a Biblical family should look like according to God's perfect plan in the Bible.

The tide of evil that we have watched rising in our culture is now being opposed by a tsunami of concerned people. Parents across the country are organizing against public libraries and public-school functions where drag queen performers are grooming children to grow up and adopt their perversion.

One group of parents spontaneously discovered a very effective strategy. Organized by Mass Resistance () in Pocatello Idaho, they arrived early at a public library for a scheduled drag queen performance. No one else had arrived and they realized that if they came in and occupied all of the chairs, there would be no place for the children to sit.

When a library official ordered them to leave, they pointed out that it was a civic venue with the public invited and that fire codes prevented higher occupancy of the room. The drag queen ended up spending a few minutes reading his “kiddy porn” to a room full of adults before the event was cancelled.

Another battlefront also involves the public schools and their attempt to groom the children for homosexual evil. Parents began to discover grossly pornographic reading material in the public-school libraries and sometimes in the curriculum.

Finding little sympathy from the stonewalling school officials, they took their case to the elected school boards. When they brought graphic samples and began to read them in the board meetings, embarrassed board members turned off the microphones and shut down the live stream video. This led to the discovery that homosexual activists had even infiltrated the school boards.

In the video below, you can see for yourself what is happening to parents who try to speak out about this evil.

A recent school board meeting from Anchorage, Alaska, has gone viral after a father reading aloud from a book from the school library was shut down by the president of the school board.

On another front, we see an encouraging example from a self-described queer woman who is married to a trans man. She spoke out about what she saw being done to children.

While working in a St. Louis Missouri transgender pediatric center she was horrified by what was happening to dozens of children being treated there. Against her friends’ advice she became a whistleblower that led to exposure of the permanent damage being done by puberty blockers and surgical mutilations.

“What is happening to them is morally and medically appalling.” she said.

Many states and municipalities are now legislating against these evil clinics and putting them out of business. The war continues between concerned parents and school leaders determined to continue grooming children.

But there are encouraging signs.

One school district in Georgia was forced to pay $100,000 in attorney’s fees to a group called the Mama Bears. A federal court found this school district guilty of violating their First Amendment rights by not allowing them a time slot to bring this information to the attention of the school board.

One Missouri congressman has filed a bill that would allow a person to sue anyone who harmed them by a gender transition procedure. The bill also prohibits federal funding to pediatric gender clinics.

Our libraries are not a place for Satan to sit” said Louisiana State Attorney General Jeff Landry. As news of the evil in the libraries came to him, he convened a panel that produced a report detailing how citizens can fight back. Legally, the road is somewhat difficult.

Over the years, protections have been put into law protecting libraries from censorship. Now those laws have been twisted to their advantage by the advocates for evil. The Louisiana report guides parents in effective ways to bring government to bear on the problem.

Guest Columnist Brian Almon summed it up in the Pocatello Chubbuck Observer:

“We cannot continue giving ground in the culture war. Rather, we must go on the offensive, retaking the lost territory of Western Civilization. The library is a symbol of that civilization, a repository of knowledge, and a monument to literacy and learning. We should not abandon it to the Marxist left that seeks to destroy the civilization our fathers built.”

And since our civilization was based on worship of the God of the Bible, the most important step in protecting that civilization is to get back into God's favor. That Bible is clear in telling us that He will lift His hand of blessing if we violate His guidelines.

In the past, gospel tracts have had a significant influence in promoting God's favor by calling people to repentance.

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