Globalist Leaders Reveal Their Plans

Sometimes a very short comment is a wide opening into a much larger story. Last week, at a huge meeting of the world leaders who are dedicated to globalism, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair made one of those telling remarks.

“You need to know who's been vaccinated and who hasn't,” Blair said. “You've got to have a digital infrastructure,” he continued.

Listen for yourself in the YouTube clip below:

Regardless of where you stand on vaccination, this represents a huge threat to our personal freedoms. We see that Blair is convinced that we need a worldwide computer database containing a file on every person so they know the ones that are refusing to go along with their plan of total global crowd control.

We have already seen how many people have lost their jobs, businesses, unable to board an airliner, have access to healthcare, and all the other restrictions that went along with the last pandemic of COVID-19. That is just one small step to keeping us from the grocery store.

One of the alliances with that Davos World Economic Forum is called the Edison Alliance. Their mission is to bring the Internet to the 2 billion people who do not yet have access to it. When they achieve this access then they will “harness the benefits of a digital, cashless economy.”

We cannot dispute the convenience of the cashless economy, but it also sets us up to lose control of our bank accounts should the powers that be so choose.

America has no excuse for not knowing the trouble that is coming because of our rebellion against our Creator. Other countries are in various stages of experiencing the fruit of that rebellion. One illustration comes out of China.

They have carried the concept of surveillance much farther than we have. We are told that there is little space in all of Beijing that does not have a camera recording what is happening in the city. The cameras number in the hundreds of thousands in Beijing, but there is an estimated 540 million surveillance cameras in all of China with an estimated 1 billion globally.

To make the cameras effective they have developed highly advanced face recognition software. The people literally have no place to hide.

China has also developed a system of what they call social credits. Using the same concept of computer databases that Tony Blair championed, many Chinese citizens find their behavior carefully watched and if they commit a communist sin, their social credit score is downgraded. If they behave well, then their score is upgraded.

Their score determines a lot of privileges and even basic opportunities. They can be denied health care, air travel, have their apartment privileges downgraded, or even be denied access to the top universities. The government has many ways to make them miserable if they misbehave. All the pieces are there to fulfill the Bible prophecy that we would not be able to buy and sell to even get food.

There is no denying the enormous benefits from modern technology when it is used properly. The apostle Paul said that to the pure all things are pure (Titus 1:15). That is because the pure have the right motives to use it. But the world is increasingly filled with bad people who have their own evil ideas, goaded by Satan's hordes toward the destruction of mankind.

The COVID pandemic accelerated the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Jack Chick accurately foresaw the events of today when he wrote THE BEAST in the 1960s.

Tract: 'The Beast'

If the Bible is right (and it always is), we have only a short time left to warn everybody that we can. They need to know that Jesus is getting tired of the mess that we have made of His planet and that He has promised to come back and fix it when He’s had enough. But He wants to redeem everybody He can before He comes.

Let's do our part by sharing the gospel! Chick tracts really do make it easy.

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