Tim and Mike Found a Way to ‘Go…Into All the World’

Tim Berends and Mike Cahill have leveraged some airline privileges into a worldwide tract ministry.

Readers of Battle Cry will recognize Tim Berends from previous stories of his witnessing at Muslim festivals and general street ministry efforts. But when he and Mike team up, the gospel gets spread far and wide.

Mike is an airline pilot with many years in the cockpit. This earns him bonus miles and Mike arranges for Tim to use them so they can fly together.

Their strategy is built around Mike’s flight schedule which usually involves a layover after a flight before he is assigned another flight back home. During the 24-to-36-hour layover, he and Tim will load up with tracts and hit the streets. They always keep a stock of foreign language titles that can be used wherever they fly.

Their main concentration, however, is Mexico and Europe. Together they have visited 26 cities in Mexico as well as some in Europe and Great Britain. Sometimes they are able to log four or five trips a month.

But when they are not on one of the international outreaches, Mike focuses on his home base of Las Vegas, Nevada. There he has developed a team covering several opportunities. With one team they go out to the local schools and hand out tracts to the students leaving for the day. When the new tract, TRUST THE SCIENCE, came out, he immediately ordered a press run to be used at the schools.

Another team focuses on the jails in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Anchoring this team is an inmate saved while in jail in Las Vegas.

PHOTO: Tim and friends sharing the gospel at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

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At 77 years old, Tim is seasoned in the rough-and-tumble of street ministry. Another burden that he has is for the girls that are caught in the brothels in Nevada. He finds that the housemother welcomes him when he brings donuts and gospel videos along with the tracts.

This all-in dedication by Tim and Mike illustrates graphically the tract witnessing aspect of the Great Commission: to go and preach the gospel. They recognize that each tract is a quiet little paper preacher. And they use Chick tracts because they are no-nonsense sermons with a solid gospel message.

Sometimes the tract will open further discussion with somebody on the street. Tim describes how, when he handed the tract to someone of Middle Eastern descent, he was asked, “Is this about religion?”

Tim replied, “Yes. It is about a religion where you don't have to kill somebody to go to heaven.” The person walked away with the tract in his hand and something serious to think about.

If you would like to contact Tim for more information on street witnessing, you can write to him at PO Box 19644, Las Vegas, Nevada 89132.

Or visit Tim's website where you can freely watch his radio broadcasts.

Visit Tim's Website

Tim Berends on his radio show with a Chick tract.

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