Introduction: Is Alberto For Real?

"Is Alberto for real?"

That is a controversial question I have been asked many times by those who have read of Dr. Alberto Rivera in various Chick Publications materials.

Alberto Rivera is a former Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who was converted to Christ. Once saved he began exposing behind-the-scenes activities of the Roman Catholic church.

Chick Publications, in the United States, has produced a series of Crusaders comics, ALBERTO, DOUBLE CROSS, THE GODFATHERS, THE FORCE and THE FOUR HORSEMEN, which include portions of the life story of Alberto Rivera, and other volatile information that he gave them.

The comics have had a varied effect on those who have read them. Some have become extremely hostile, while many others have had their eyes opened and been converted to Christ.

Alberto's testimony has been challenged in most cases by those who hold an ecumenical or pro-Roman Catholic position. Roman Catholics, obviously, are the most upset by Alberto's shocking statements. Some have attacked, either the person of Alberto Rivera, in an effort to discredit him; or the information he has given, alleging it to be extreme or even fraudulent.

Catholics who know the facts of their church seldom attempt to refute what Alberto says about the Catholic church. Therefore, their attacks against him come primarily in the form of relentless character assassinations.

In preparing an answer to one of Dr. Rivera's critics, Rev. Fred J. Buick and Helmut Silbach of the Perth Free Presbyterian Church have done a vast amount of research which enables us to give well-documented answers to the questions that will be answered in this book.

My role has been to compile all this information in book form to answer many of the questions asked about Dr. Rivera's claims. It is our prayer that God will use our efforts to accomplish two things:

  1. Convince you that Alberto Rivera was in fact what he says he was, and:
  2. Enable you to give clear and factual answers to those who question the validity of Dr. Rivera's testimony.

Though many have tried over the last 10 years, none has successfully refuted the claims that Dr. Rivera has made against the Roman Catholic church.

The purpose of this book is to refute the most frequently made charges against the content of the above mentioned books and against Dr. Rivera personally.

Sid Hunter
Strathpine, Q'ld., Australia

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