People Actually Thank Me When I Witness To Them!

It's really very simple.

As a Christian, I knew I should witness.  But there was always some reason why it just wasn’t possible.

You know how it works:  you are standing in line at the checkstand, and you know that the guy at the cash register needs Jesus.  But he is supposed to be working.  There are customers waiting.  The boss is watching to make sure things keep moving.  You can’t stand there and talk to him about Jesus!  But I’ve found a way.

Or you are in a restaurant.  Jesus told us to be his witnesses, and you know you need to point that waitress to the Lord.  But she is really busy.  Other tables are waiting, she has orders coming up from the kitchen that need to be delivered, the guy in the next booth wants another cup of coffee.  There is no way you are going to get her to stop and talk about the Lord.  So what am I going to say when I stand before the Lord and He asks me why I didn’t lift a finger to reach her?  I’m sure going to be glad that I found a solution.

People actually thank me!

Now, when I witness to people, they actually thank me.  It’s happened more times than I can count.  And I can’t tell you how much better I feel knowing that I’m not ignoring my Lord’s command.  That’s the best part of all.  I really want to please Him.
When I meet people I should witness to, but they really can’t stop and talk to me (that’s pretty common), I tell them, “Here, you can have one of these little comic books.”  Then I give them a Chick cartoon gospel message.  I know they will read it, because everyone likes comic books. And I know they will understand the gospel, because Chick tracts are world-famous for making things simple.

People always do the same thing

Do you know what they always do?  They reach out their hand, and say “Thank you!”  Then they quickly flip the pages and see the cartoons.  “Oh, this is cool!”  They stick it in their pocket where I know they will keep it and read it.  And I know that, a few hours from now, they will come face to face with their need for Jesus.  I may not have been able to get them to stop and talk to me about Him right then, but I know the Holy Spirit is going to talk to them, a real heart-to-heart discussion where He brings conviction of sin. 

Sure, the best thing you can do is sit down and talk to someone about Jesus.  But we both know that people are so busy today that many just won’t give you the chance.  That’s why I felt so good the other day when I met a new guy at church.  I asked him how he found us and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a copy of Jack Chick’s most famous gospel comic, “This Was Your Life.”  He told me that someone had given it to him at the shopping center.  He said, “My life has gotten sort of out of control.  This little book made me realize that it was time for things to change.”

Then there is the waitress I met outside of Denny’s restaurant.  I have given her several Chick comic tracts on prior visits.  Now, she was standing outside the restaurant as I left, having a smoke on her break.   I handed her another gospel comic and she said, “I take these home and my little girl makes me read her one before bed every night.”  I knew it was time for me to be a little late to where I was going, so I stopped and we talked about spiritual things.  Those gospel comics (Chick tracts) were opening her heart.

Grab ‘em by the eyeballs!

This whole thing is really fun.  Chick comic tracts start with stories that grab people by the eyeballs.  Kind of like the comics in the newspaper, except that these actually end with something important.  The other day, I offered one to a teller at the bank, and she said, “I’ve already seen that one.  Do you have another?”  I reached in my pocket and found that I had four other titles.  I held them out and said, “Pick the one you want.”  She surprised me when she answered, “Can I have them all?”  I happen to know that her mother was a Christian, but this young lady had turned away from the Lord.  Now, she was thinking about Him again.

I’ve met some Christians that think giving gospel tracts (even comic ones) to people is a waste of time.  They say the only thing you should do is sit down and talk to everyone about their soul.

Well, that sounds good, but have you tried it?  If you are like me, you have to go to work each day.  You can’t spend all day at the mall, talking to people.  And even if you could, those people also have somewhere to go.  They are not going to give you that much time. 

You have to advertise!

I learned from the biggest corporations in the world that you have to advertise.  Since you don’t know which people are receptive to the gospel, you have to use mass advertising (like passing out tracts) to put your message in everyone’s hands.  Then, those people who are interested can visit your church (you put the address on the back, right?).  So the big question, then, is “does it work?”

A friend of mine who spent years as a missionary was invited to speak at a pastor’s conference in the southern US.  He told me that as he was speaking, on an impulse he pulled a Chick tract (our most popular) from his pocket and held it up and said, “How many of you came to Christ as a result of reading one of these little books?”  One-third of the pastors at that meeting raised their hands!  Wow!

You’d be amazed at how many letters come to Chick Publications from people who say they came to Christ after reading a Chick tract, and they are now pastors, youth workers, missionaries, etc.  They got really saved!

You’ve read this far.  Why not take another minute and click here to see how you can get your own set of samples of these popular gospel comics?   You’ll quickly see why Christians worldwide have already used more than 900 million of them to spread the Gospel.  That sounds like a lot until you remember there are nearly 6 billion people around us.  An awful lot of folks still have never heard.

Chick tracts can help you witness in all those situations where you just can’t sit and talk to people.  For some of them, that chance encounter might end up being their only chance to hear the simple gospel.  Give it a try.  You will have fun, as I have, and obey the Lord Jesus at the same time.

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