Tract Assortment

  • $24.95

Big sample pack with over 130 titles of world-famous Chick tracts. You'll find something for everyone here. Great stories, simple Gospel. (See Contents)

English $24.95
Spanish $24.95

This assortment pack contains one copy of all our current English Chick tracts. To see the current list of titles in this pack, click the Contents tab,

  • Your whole family can read them
  • Show them to friends at church
  • Find the titles that are just right for you
  • Place in a basket on the table for your kids' friends to read
  • Have just the right tract for everyone you meet

Here's a list of the 136 titles in this assortment.

For the Spanish pack, here's a list of the 135 titles in this assortment.


ISBN: 9780937958988
Price: $24.95