Is there a recommended edition of theTextus Receptus?

From Answers To Your Bible Version Questions
©2001 David W. Daniels
Reproduced by permission

Question: Is there an edition of the Textus Receptus in Greek and Hebrew that you can recommend for those studying the languages as they are used in the Bible?

Answer: I have a very simple suggestion. Grab an interlinear King James New Testament (or Old Testament or singlevolume Greek/Hebrew Bible) and correct it anywhere the translation disagrees with the King James. I am not kidding.

Let me give you an example.

The Interlinear New Testament by George Ricker Berry is a fine text to start with. It has a 99% accurate Greek text1, and the King James on the side column. When you read Acts 3 and 4 you will notice that the King James says, “his Son Jesus,” the Berry interlinear mistranslates the word as “servant,” as it became popular to do (but still wrong) in the modern Bibles. Just read the correct translation “Son” instead of “servant” and you will do fine. The only Hebrew Old Testament I know that uses the text in the King James is the one by Jay Green. The Hebrew is very very small, and sometimes hard to read. But it is the correct Hebrew text as far as I know. When Green wrongly disagrees with the correct translation found in the King James, just substitute the right one and you will do well.

Why do we need to go to all this trouble? Because the translators of the Interlinear sometimes thought they knew more than the translators of the preserved Bibles through history, including God’s blessed Bible translators of the King James Bible. Sometimes their teachers taught them that the King James word was wrong, and they made up their own word to switch for the accurate King James word. However they did it, modern interlinear writers again created a different Bible from the King James! But the KJV is so accurate to the Greek and Hebrew that if one understands the English translation of the original language, he will also understand the correct meanings of Greek and Hebrew words.

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