Arab Spring Becoming Christian Winter

Islam's pursuit of world domination is in full-stride. The West's optimism is fading that democracy, not Islam, will be the winner.

Global Warming: But Not as They Say

Satan's goal is to limit the spread of the Gospel.

Vatican Calls For World Government

With a world-wide financial crisis hanging over our heads, the Vatican is calling for 'global public authority.' Here comes the world church!

Local 'Can Man' a Giant in the Lord

Every day he had a route of about 6 miles where he walked to collect recyclables. You didn`t meet Charley for very long without realizing that money from the sale of the cans was not for himself.

Mormonism Starts PR Campaign to Dress Up Its Image

Mormons consider themselves Christians. Yet the fact is they are victims of a false religion which is most evident in their teachings about Jesus.

Internet Ministries Pressured by Homosexuals

Homosexual activists have persuaded major internet providers to block websites that offer a Christian viewpoint of homosexuality. Even Paypal is refusing to handle donations to some ministries.

Disillusioned Muslim Youth Turning to Christianity

Muslims are precious souls that Jesus died for —and they need to know about it. If we don't tell them, who will?

More Proof that Allah and Jehovah Are Not the Same

Islamic literature teaches that Jews and Christians will be substituted for Muslims in hell. This is not the God of the Bible.

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2012

Why are the enemies of Christ winning in the U.S.?

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2012

Other Christmas tracts did NOT have a complete gospel message. These do!

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