In the End, the Bible is Always Right

How could life come from a simple cell, when there is no such thing as a SIMPLE cell?

Tracts Help Missionaries from Jamaica to India

Tens of thousands of children hear the gospel because you gave to the Chick Mission Fund.

Do the Pope and Bible Believers Really Have That Much in Common?

Popular "Alpha Course" teaches a lie of ecumenism.

Truth Compromised is Still a Lie

When we reach for an agreement with someone who doesn't have the truth, we are only settling for the untruth. Truth + lie = lie.

Freedom to Sin Replacing Freedom of Religion

The anti-religion drive is not so much against all religions, but specifically against biblical Christianity. Most others: Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., are tolerated or welcomed into our 'multicultural' society. Tolerance applies to everyone but Jesus.

Does Your Bible Have 'Fairytale Markers?"

Little-known true story from Wycliffe translators points out a danger in many modern Bibles.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2012

Our nation is facing the judgment of God . . . and it seems nobody believes it's coming, or cares.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2012

When I leave Chick tracts on benches outside the store, everyone is reading them when I come out.

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