COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop This Soul Winner

Tim Berends is a bold soul winner who uses a lot of Chick tracts. For years, he had been based in Las Vegas, NV where, until a short time ago, he worked in Christian radio. His daily goal was to stand at a bridge on the Strip that is a high traffic area and pass at least 300 tracts to the crowds.

Since the pandemic began, traffic has been limited, so he began using a form of undercover invasion to get the tracts into the right hands. In the past, he has attended an Arab festival, sauntering in quietly, wearing an “I (heart) Muslims” t-shirt. He succeeded in seeding about 1,800 tracts before he was asked to leave. Another “witnessing” group, using a pig’s head, found their approach didn’t work.

Here is his own account of a recent sneak “attack:”

“I just returned from Utah with friends where we were handing out The Beast and The Visitors. On the back of the tracts we stamped ‘12 Free Movies!’. A friend, Dan Fox, was helping me hand them out.

“When I would go up to people, I’d say ‘free movie on suicide!’ The movie EXIT, The Appeal Of Suicide is among the 12. There’s a very high suicide rate amongst women and teenagers in Utah. I figured that after watching the movie they would read the tract [The Visitors] which totally exposes Mormonism and presents the Biblical Jesus and not the spirit brother of Lucifer, as the Mormons believe.

“I didn’t expect the response I got. Practically everyone was telling me of a friend or relative who had committed suicide. Dan and I went to a restaurant and when the waitress came, I gave her The Visitors tract and a copy of Mark Cahill’s booklet One Second After You... and told her that if she knew of anyone who’s suicidal, that was for them.

“She gushed ‘OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Look at my wrists!!’ You could tell that she had slashed them a while back! I gave her 5 other copies of the book and tract and she said she’d pass it on.

“Moments later, when I went into the main dining room to get some relish, I saw her handing the book and tract to two co-workers in the kitchen. I was thrilled!

“The next day, I went by myself to Salt Lake City to hand out The Visitors and to be honest with you I was more afraid of doing that than I’ve ever been going into the 19 Mexico border towns with Pilot Mike Cahill and handing out Why is Mary Crying?

“In Salt Lake City, there weren’t that many people on the street and not many businesses open, I assume because of COVID-19, but again, tremendous response. I googled the address for the police department. They were together with the fire department. After I got through the barbed wire and got up to the door, I noticed that it was locked. I rang the buzzer and told the man that I had come to Salt Lake City to drop off a movie on suicide for the police and fire departments.

“When I went in, I saw that a police officer and a fire department officer were being interviewed by a TV reporter. I told the officers how much I appreciated their service to the community and that I had a movie on suicide that would help them and the people they encountered. I gave them each a pack of The Visitors and they appeared very grateful! Praise God! I know that God is going to use that tract and movie to save many souls!

“God is so creative! He comes up with the best lines! Praise His Holy Name!”

Soul winners, we all need to pray for this kind of boldness.

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