Chick Mail Bag May-2005

I received the DVD "Light of the World" today and my wife and I watched it in its entirety. It was a masterpiece and completely Biblical. I have been saved for more than fifty years. My wife was Catholic when I married her. She has (now) been converted to Christianity. The film was most impressive to her, especially when it graphically explained that the Catholic faith leads millions on the road to hell. My wife's days of worshiping a woman (Mary) are over as are the beads and candles. Bravo to all that were led of the Spirit and inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks again.
L.F. Hollidayburg, PA

Your material is the best. I used to hand them to my brother Bill many years ago. One day he yelled at me and threw a tract in my face. I kept praying for his salvation. 23 years later he gave his heart to Jesus.
P.B. Uncasville, CT

I want to thank you very much for your tracts. My son got saved by reading Cleo. He asked Jesus to come into his heart.
W.R. Queens, NY

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