This Halloween, many unsaved kids will come to your door seeking a treat. Once a year, giving them the gospel is so easy with Chick tracts!

People love to read them because of the 24-page story, drawn in cartoon-style, and ending with a simple salvation message.

You'll love their reactions when they see you’re giving out candy and cartoons! Simply drop a tract or two and some candy into their bags. You’ll be giving the gospel to kids and their families without leaving home!

You'll love their reactions when you get creative!

Here are some ideas for making Halloween witnessing easy and a lot of fun, too!

Tracts make great coloring books!

Wrap 3 crayons together and include them with a tract in a plastic bag. The young kids absolutely love (and remember) this unique gift.

Tracts roll with candy!

Take one tract, 3 round candies, and rubber band them together. Prepared ahead of time, these are so easy to give out.

Let kids grab candy and a tract!

Fill a large bowl with candy and put tracts around the edge. This is quick and easy and kids like to pick what they want.

Let the older kids pick!

Put a variety of tracts on a tray and let them choose their favorites. (Note: Tray not included)

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Instead of waiting for the kids, I go to them at the local festival. I start at the parade and walk down the line, handing out my bags with tracts and candy to children, teens and parents. In the festive atmosphere, everyone takes one and says, 'Thank you.'"


We used to keep our porch lights off, but after you encouraged us, we left our lights on and shared Christ. All the tracts went first and we had candy left over."


I got the larger sized treats and bundled Halloween tracts so everyone that came by got God’s word in a baggie with a fullsize treat. If only one comes to know Jesus, the victory was won!"




Not sure what titles to pick? Then order our Halloween packs. They've got our most popular titles! We offer a pack for children and one for older kids.

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Children's PackIncludes 25 each of these 8 titles (200 total)

Older Kids PackIncludes 25 each of these 8 titles (200 total)


When handing out Chick tracts on Halloween, consider the ages of the trick-or-treaters when deciding which tracts to drop in their bags. Some tracts are designed for young children, while others are better suited for older kids and teens. See our recommendations below.

Tracts For Children

Here are the titles we recommend for children.

Little Ghost, The

Little Ghost, The

"I'm not afraid of you... because Jesus loves me!" The simple Gospel to give young children on Halloween.

English #1010
Spanish #588
Charlie's Ants

Charlie's Ants

Through Charlie's ants, young readers learn that God became man to die for us. Great salvation message!

English #39
Spanish #570
Little Princess, The

Little Princess, The

Heidi is terribly sick. But when she gets saved on Halloween night, her whole family finds Christ too.

English #63
Spanish #575
One Way!

One Way!

Using just pictures and very few words, this tract shows that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Great for children!

English #81
Spanish #503
Best Friend

Best Friend

Let me tell you about my very best friend! He made everything, and is preparing a mansion for me! His name is Jesus.

English #33
Spanish #569
Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

"Let me tell you about my very best friend! He made everything! His name is Jesus."

English #1105
Spanish #5291
Bed Time

Bed Time

Emily had never heard of Jesus or the Gospel. But now she understands. The gospel for children.

English #1093
Spanish #5421
Present, The

Present, The

The king had a present he wanted to freely give those in his kingdom, if they would receive it. God has a gift, too.

English #17
Spanish #556


When Cleo is rescued from the animal shelter, her owner learns how Jesus redeemed us.

English #12
Spanish #564
Older Kids and Teens

Here are the titles we recommend for older kids and teens.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

It was supposed to be a fun Halloween, visiting a "Haunted House" for a great scare. But things went terribly wrong.

English #32
Spanish #567
This Was Your Life

This Was Your Life

Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?

English #1
Spanish #520
Love Story, A

Love Story, A

Who loves you so much He gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus!

English #85
Spanish #512
I See You!

I See You!

Their cameras are everywhere. They`re watching you. But who`s watching THEM?

English #1169
Spanish #5520


This takeoff on horror films reveals the truth about Halloween.

English #58
Spanish #553
Back From The Dead?

Back From The Dead?

They thought he was dead but he woke up screaming, "I've got to get saved! I saw hell! I never want to see it again!"

English #96
Spanish #526
Choice, The

Choice, The

All through life we make choices. But there is one choice that is more important than all the rest.

English #100
Spanish #580
Walking Dead?, The

Walking Dead?, The

We are all like zombies. The spirit inside us is dead, thanks to Adam. Here is how to change it.

English #1076
Spanish #5335
Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer

It's the greatest offer you'll ever get, but it expires when you draw your last breath.

English #1171
Spanish #5545

What if the Devil Came to Your Door?

If the Devil told you what he wanted you to do for Halloween, would you do it?