Coming to Your Bible

The Vatican desperately needs the Apocrypha in the Bible to support some of her doctrine. How are modern Bibles increasingly slanted to support Rome's pagan dogmas?

Philippine Public Schools Wide Open to the Gospel

Missionaries are finding that passing out Chick tracts is like passing out candy. Through giving to the Chick Mission Fund, many Christians are making a difference!

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory - It's a Fact!

See how this speaker accurately predicted in 1969, how the Bible would be changed to prepare for a new world religion. His accuracy is eerie!

No Sowing: No Harvest

In every crowd there are likely a few who are open to the gospel. Only by sowing gospel seed (tracts) can we hope to find them.

Only 13 Percent of Next Generation are Bible Believers

Will Americans lose religious freedom because many trusted more in politics than in preaching? A shocking recent survey shows it is time for a different approach.

SBC Conference Addresses Ministry to "Gays"

Speakers admitted that homosexual unions are incompatible with the Scriptures.

Righteousness: Key to All Freedoms

Homosexuals and Muslims demand that speaking against them be outlawed as "hate speech." Nations such as Canada who agree have begun arresting and prosecuting Christians.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2015

He poured his booze down the sink.

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