Pope Apologizes —But Nothing Changes

Pope Francis spent a week this summer on a ‘pilgrimage’ to Canada. His purpose: to apologize for the abuse of indigenous children in Catholic boarding schools. But the system that produced these rapes and other abuse remains the same.

Mission Fund Update: September 2022

With your help, Chick tracts are helping missionaries reach lost souls. Read about some exciting news from India as a family accepts Christ.

New Homosexual Disorder

Monkeypox - yet another frightening disease has surfaced that afflicts ‘men who have sex with men.’ It’s yet another case of ‘receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.’ (Romans 1:27)

When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Fact?

As it became clear that modern Bibles remove or change many verses, it begs the question: is this intentional? Is it a conspiracy to change the Bible? All it took was careful research to find the truth!

Sidewalk Rights

Read how this tract user politely but firmly refused to back down, until the police legal team admitted he had every right to pass tracts on the sidewalk in front of the school.

Marching Toward the Beast

In America, we have been privileged to retain a good bit of our personal freedom. Christians in many other countries have not fared as well.

A Message From David Daniels

We have an exciting opportunity that will enable us to ship one million tracts to the Philippines for 66 pastors who will be distributing them throughout the country.

Chick Mail Bag - September 2022

Read testimonies from tract users who tell us how Chick tracts helped them share the gospel.

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