Popular Website Tract Reintroduced

One of the dominant burdens here at Chick Publications is concern for the next generation of Christians. Most have been taught, either by example or point blank, that gospel tracts are a waste of time; that only "relationship evangelism" works. Yet, the thousands of testimonies in our files say otherwise.

To try to counter this belief, we produced a mini-book entitled Do They Work? Along this line, we are bringing back the older tract, Dark Dungeons. It will again be available as a stock title. Since first written, we have watched thousands of gamers come to the Chick website every week to read this tract online. Many of them scorn it, but they all read it and get a clear gospel message. A small percentage go on to read other gospel literature after reading that tract.

These are mostly young people and this tract seems to appeal to them. We are bringing it back and suggesting you use it to get the attention of a member of the coming generation long enough to give them the gospel.

They may brush it off for now, but down the road the Holy Spirit might be able to use it at an opportune time. Jesus told us that the majority who hear the gospel will not accept it, but He commanded us to find ways to tell them anyway.  This is one of those ways.