Soul Winning Video Going Into More Languages

Issue Date: May/June 2007

Progress continues on more translations of the powerful soul winning video, Light of the World.  Here are some of the current projects:

Hundreds of copies of the finished video in Japanese have already been sent to missionaries in Japan to use among the groups of people they minister to. The Japanese people have long been cold to the gospel through national pride and ancestor worship. 

However, recent information indicates that many in the younger generation are becoming disillusioned and are looking for some other source for spiritual meaning.  Pray that this video will get wide distribution with its message of hope through Jesus Christ.

The Russian translation narration has been recorded in Moscow and we expect to receive the sound files soon.  Please pray for this project.  Russia is becoming more and more hostile to Bible believers.  Those who boldly stand for the truth are being challenged by increasingly restrictive laws.

Preparations have begun for translation into Arabic.  This is another region of the world where hundreds of millions of lost souls worship a capricious, uncaring Allah.  Barriers to the truth of the gospel are formidable.  Those who convert to Christianity are outcast from their families, and sometimes murdered by their own relatives.

Jesus said, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Matt. 24:14) This is the first generation with the technology to fulfill this scripture. With the gospel in so many forms: tracts, books, DVDs, and on the internet, it is much more difficult for false religions and godless governments to keep their people bound in ignorance.

Copies of this video have been sowed into the underground churches in the Far East and Africa.  Missionaries using the Light of the World video in the local languages report many coming to know Jesus as Saviour.  These translation projects are funded by the Chick missions fund.  For information on how you can help with one of these translation projects, call 909-987-0771.