Jumbo Comic Pack

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This discounted comic pack gives you all of Jack Chick's full-color comic books. They will help you grow in the Christian faith. (See Contents)

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The centerpiece of this 24-book comic library is "King of Kings," a 64-page illustrated life of Christ, beginning with Genesis 1. Since the Bible is the most accurate history of the world available, this one comic provides a Biblical framework of that history.

The rest of the comics elaborate on important parts of that worldview:

  • Who is the Devil?
  • Who has the Devil deceived?
  • The role of Israel
  • The false church
  • Gang brutality
  • Evolution
  • The rapture
  • A rebel world saved by Noah
  • A thorough explanation of salvation by faith
  • ... All for the price of dinner for two.

Teens, new Christians --- even solid believers can profit from the scope of this highly readable set.



ISBN: 9780937958971
Price: $46.00