Mission Fund Report: September 2021

Tremendous support has come in for the Papua New Guinea project! Read an update on our progress and see how your donations are reaching lost souls worldwide.

How One Tract Made the Difference

Joshua didn’t know it at first, but God heard his prayers for his grandmother and used a Chick tract to bring her to salvation.

Look What They Did to These Verses!

When examined individually, small changes in modern Bibles may appear small and possibly insignificant. However, the total effect can be seen as working against God’s character, His reputation, and His divinity.

How Good is Your Ruler?

An accurate ruler is vital when precise measurements are needed. How much more important is it for us to have an approved standard when it comes to God’s Word and the Bible.

A Message from David Daniels - September 2021

My wife’s father just died. Thankfully, he was saved and is now reunited with his wife in heaven! But I was thankful about a second thing as well...

Teacher Stands for God —and Wins

PE teacher Tanner Cross almost lost his job for not following school policies. The Christian legal defense group, Alliance Defending Freedom, rushed to his defense.

France Takes Another Step Toward "The Mark"

President Emmanuel Macron announced a tightening of the 'health pass,' issued to those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. The technology is pretty much in place for The Beast of Revelation 13 to exercise full control.

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